Mission, Vision and Values


Our Vision

- To increase product variety according to customer needs and demands,

- Keeping and maintaining customer satisfaction,

- Expanding the customer portfolio we serve,

- Maintaining our leadership in the domestic market for advanced technology, product diversity and turnover,

- To increase the number of foreign dealers and distributors to 100 in 5 years,

- Entering the top 3 in the world ranking in the sector,

- To maintain the principle of respect for the environment and respectful to the society in their production and processes.

Our Mission

- Construction materials testing equipment industry; to help control and ensure the continuity of quality control by producing advanced technological devices that meet customer needs without sacrificing quality in accordance with the standards.

Company Values

- To provide customer oriented production and service.

- To ensure customer and staff satisfaction.

- Creating resources for employee and customer training.

- To fulfill social responsibilities.

- To follow the latest technological developments.

- To take planned steps towards institutionalization and to make intensive workforce and investment in this subject.