Universal Speedy Moisture Tester

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Universal Speedy Moisture Tester


UTS-0150 Universal Speedy Moisture Tester is used to determine the moisture content of soils, sand and fine aggregates in the field. It is an easy and portable method. The amount of gas, which is given off when water and calcium carbide are mixed and react, is directly proportional to the amount of water present in the sample and results in percentage moisture are taken from a pressure gauge.


  The Universal Speedy Moisture Tester is supplied complete with; 

  • Calibrated pressure bottle with surface thermometer
  • Mechanical manometer up to 1,6 bar direct reading of humidity for the weights 20g, 50g and 100g
  • Steel ball set (Ø10 mm/3 pcs. and Ø5,5 mm/1 pcs.)
  • Digital sample scale up to 200g
  • 25 normed carbide ampoules with 7g calcium carbide according to DIN 18560-4
  • Other measurement accessories
  • Double-walled  plastic case





390x370x150 mm

Weight (approx.)

10 kg

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