LPI Battery Operated Digital Readout Unit

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LPI Battery Operated Digital Readout Unit


UTC-4920LP is used  for reading of the applied load on load cells or pressure transducers in different material test applications.

  • Can operate with 2 x AA batteries or 5V AC adapter
  • Real time numeric display of load and load pressure
  • 1 channel with two different calibration table (by changing the sensor belong to other frame, the unit can be control for second test frame)
  • Peak hold property
  • Multi-point calibration
  • Easy preload zeroing
  • 8 keys keyboard
  • RS232  Serial port for PC or thermal or dot matrix printer

The LPI is a very convenient readout unit that can be used to retrofit old compression machines with manometer (gauge).



150x200x200 mm

Weight (approx.)

1 kg

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